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CDVI CDV4796KP 2Easy 2 wire hands free Keypad kit

CDVI CDV4796KP 2Easy 2 wire hands free Keypad kit
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Catalogue No:  CDV4796KP-B
Brand:  CDVI

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CDVI CDV-47 2Easy 2 wire 7'' slim touch screen memory monitorCDVI CDV-47 2Easy 2 wire 7" slim touch screen memory monitor
CDVI CDV-47-W 2Easy 2 wire 7'' slim touch screen memory monitorCDVI CDV-47-W 2Easy 2 wire 7" slim touch screen memory monitor
1 Pair 16AWG Belden 8471 Cable for 2Easy 100m1 Pair 16AWG Belden 8471 Cable for 2Easy 100m
CDVI 2Easy GSM dialler moduleCDVI 2Easy GSM dialler module
CDVI 2Easy CDV-DBC4A 4 way AV DistributerCDVI 2Easy CDV-DBC4A 4 way AV Distributer


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CDVI 2Easy 2 wire hands free Keypad kit CDV4796KP

CDV2496KP Kit Includes

  • CDV-47 Touch screen monitor - black or white cover
  • CDV96KP VR door station with touchscreen keypad


Adding extra parts

Adding extra monitors

To add more monitors to the system you will need to order a CDV-PS5 power supply to ensure all monitors get enough power.

The CDV-PS5 power supply allows you to daisy chain up to 4 monitors or you can use 4 way splitters to wire the monitors to a central location you can have up to 16 monitors before needing to add another CDV-PS5 and power mixer CDV-DPS.

Adding additional entrances can be achieved simply by adding a 4 way splitter to the monitor output of the CDV-DPS (splitter)

It goes without saying that value for money is extremely important when spending for security needs. The 2Easy system offers you the maximum of flexibility to get real value from your investment.

The CDV47 is a stylish 7” colour LCD monitor with touch screen technology. With dimensions of just 179 x 90 x 23mm, the unit will match any decor.
Advanced touch sensitive technology makes the operation simple. The monitor is supplied as standard with caller memory and electronic photo frame function, requires SD memory card sold seperately.

The unit is wall mounted, a desk mount stand is available.


Answering your door from a location inside your premises is convenient and secure. You can add to the convenience by connecting more monitors into other rooms/locations - upon receipt of a call, all monitors will ring and the call can be answered from the unit closest to you. With monitors installed in different locations, calls can be made internally between monitors. This is particularly useful where monitors are located on different floors.

Peace of mind

The ability to see who is at your door before making a decision to answer it is very reassuring. You have the opportunity to view the visitor before speaking with them (the visitor would have no indication they are being monitored), and if you have a cctv camera wired into the video entry system, you can select to get a view of the general area, and switch between that and the view of your visitor.
These features make it especially beneficial to those with limited mobility, or those who are alone and not comfortable answering the door.
All the features and flexibility of the 2East system apply, whether it is a single entrance building or a multi-tenant/multi-entrance facility.


The visual and audible communication with your front entrance will confirm who your visitor is and allow you to decide whether to grant access or not. A touch sensitive button on the monitor enables you to operate an electric lock, releasing the door to allow your visitor to enter.
In cases where people of limited mobility require access, a door operator can also be activated from the monitor.
Where access needs to be granted to staff or tenants, the front door station can include a keypad or proximity reader. This allows authorised visitors to enter a PIN number or present a proximity card or tag, and if valid then access will be granted automatically.



Multi tenancy

For apartment blocks or commercial environments where one or more entrances are shared, we offer a modern and robust digital door station with LCD display. The visitor is able to type in the number, or scroll through a name list and select the resident they are visiting to request entry.
Up to 32 apartments/offices can be managed by the digital door panel, and up to 4 entrances can be controlled. The door station includes a keypad and proximity reader as standard, for allowing automatic access to authorised visitors.

Wiring options