Domular C Kits

Domular Classic Kits

Domular Classic Evolution

A classic in every sense, the Domular styling has been updated in both appearance and functionality. With a new look of metallic grey and blue led name plate illumination, Domular Classic fits with today's architectural demands.

Improvement doesn't stop there, easier connection of the modules and button groups within a simplified terminal block.  Electronically backwards compatible with the original Classic range allows for easy upgrade or servicing.

Classic kits are available up to 12 way in flush mounting option or surface mount with a robust metal surface housing.  They of course come in  audio or video versions too.  Audio systems can be “4+n” or “1+n” depending on cabling constraints.  Video systems can be colour or mono to suit any budget. 

They are the simplest and most cost effective solution for multi-tenant buildings. 
All the equipment required to complete the system is included in the box under one part number. Handsets, brackets, distributors and power supplies are all included.

The panels come pre-assembled to save time on site and full wiring diagrams and cable schematics are supplied with every kit. All that has to be added is the appropriate lock from the Bitron Video Group range and the system is ready go in.  Kits can also be modified by adding additional audio phones or monitors for instance, if some dwellings require multiple rooms to have an extension.  Access Control elements such as proximity readers or a coded access keypad can also added to further personalise the kit.