VR-Inox Kits

VR-Inox Kits

The VR-Inox range of audio and video entry panels brings a new level of
vandal resistance to the Bitron Video range.  The panels are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel and have a brushed finish.  They use the same trusted “5-wire” video technology and “1+n” or “4+n” audio systems as the rest of the range.

The push buttons to call flats or to activate the Trades facility are also
stainless steel with a mechanical stop and are securely fixed into the panel by a hex-nut on the rear so they will stand up to sustained heavy traffic and vandalism attacks. The panels have a robust acrylic camera window and speaker protection grille that protects the audio/video call module inside the panel and still allows excellent image and speech quality.

Video image quality is maintained even in poor lighting conditions due to
built in illumination LEDs (infrared on mono-chrome systems) and the panel
is supplied with anti-tamper screws to prevent unauthorised persons
opening the panel.

VR-Inox Vandal Resistant features

Panels are available either as flush fitment or surface fixed and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different button configurations and to allow integration of an access control proximity reader or keypad.  

The surface hoods are also manufactured from stainless steel, have a cable entry hole in the rear and incorporate
a rain hood.  

Flush back boxes are made from corrosion resistant Zintec and have “knock-out” cable entry points in all sides.