AV1142 A3000 Audio PSU 14.5V AC & 8V DC outputs

AV1142 A3000 Audio PSU 14.5V AC & 8V DC outputs
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Catalogue No:  AV1142
Brand:  Bitron-Video

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AV1142 A3000 Audio PSU 14.5V AC & 8V DC outputs

The Bitron A3000 AV1142 power supply has been designed in conformity to CEI EN 60065:1999 [EN 60065:1998] safety
regulation – Products are in conformity with the B.T. 73/23/CEE and 93/68/CEE policy.
Its peculiar shape meets the news market requirements to concentrate the electrical equipment in DIN boxes.
This power supply is suitable for both 1+n and 4+n Bitron Video door phone system.
Any other use is to be considered as improper and therefore dangerous.
The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage caused by a wrong or improper use of the product.
The power supply shall be installed in a dry and aired place.

Technical Specification

Supply voltage 230V±10%230V±10% (117V±10%)
Frequency 50/60Hz

• ~ ~ 14V~ 1A+1A intermittent, 1 sec. useful duty cycle10%
• + and -  8 V= 0,3A
• C and - three-tone note 15Vpp
Power 18 VA
Weight 750 gr
Dimensions 105 x 90 x 60 mm

Connection terminals
Input terminals:
Ø mains neutral
230(117) 230V live (117V)
Output terminals :
C = call tone positive pole
– = call tone negative pole
– = 8Vdc direct tension ground
+ = 8Vdc direct tension output
~ = 14 Vac power supply output
~ = 14 Vac power supply output
The call tone has a negative pole (-) connected to the – of the 8Vdc tension.
The installation must be in conformity to IEC regulations.
In particular the following precautions must be observed:
• All installation’s sets must be used only for the purpose for which they have been designed.
• Before connecting the power supply to the mains voltage, check the rating plate.
• Before the power supply, it is needed an automatic circuit breaker to protect and section the unit
• After installation, reallocate the side covers protecting the wires
• Do not close the slots for heat output
• Before doing any cleaning or maintenance disconnect the mains acting on the proper switch
In case of failure disconnect the power supply from mains voltage by acting on the mains switch, and call the technical
Reparations can be done only by an authorised technical assistance service.
On the output terminals the nominal values are available when mains is connected.
On terminals C and -- there is a 15V continuous tension that turns into a three-tones note if it is connected to a charge that
absorbs 100mA at least. Such a signal is very useful to realise the electronic call at the floor using door phones AN9102 or
Notice that the call signal must be used connecting the – terminal to the ground and the C terminal to the call buttons’
common wire in case of 4+n system (positive signal). In case of 1+n door phone systems or video systems the call signal
must be used connecting the – terminal to the buttons’ common wire and C terminal to the ground (negative signal)
In case of overload or short circuit, the PTC internal protection works disconnecting the voltage output.
To restore the normal functioning, after overload removal, it is needed to disconnect the transformer from the power supply
mains and wait few minutes until cooling.