SEAL-Bit RTV 200 GEL 2-component silicon rubber gel

SEAL-Bit RTV 200 GEL 2-component silicon rubber gel
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Catalogue No:  AV9996
Brand:  Bitron-Video

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SEAL-Bit RTV 200 GEL 2-component silicon rubber gel

The convenient and effective solution for the protection of junctions that sometimes you are forced to make in very high moisture conditions.
The innovative Seal-Bit RTV 200 GEL (AV 9996) is a 2-component silicon gel. Rightly dosed and poured inside whatever watertight housing, it firms up making the junction perfectly watertight.
Applications: doorphone systems, video doorphone systems, telephone systems, outdoor lighting systems.
Advantages: water resistance, transparency, atoxicity, fast application, possibility of later maintenance and restoration.

Material: AV 9996 - Seal-Bit RTV 200 is a 2-component
(A+B) silicon rubber, vulcanising at ambient
Physical Features:

  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use (Fig. 3)
  • Easy-pouring
  • Transparent (Fig. 4)
  • Short detachment time

Technical Features:
Components appearance: A e B are colourless
Pot life: <10 minutes (*)
Hardening time: <30 minutes (*)
Set status: Gel
Volume reduction: <0,1%
(*) Higher temperatures reduce working time and
polymerisation time.
Lower room-temperatures act adversely.

For best results with the AV 9996 - Seal-Bit RTV 200, it is suggested to work at 21°C - 23°C.
Mix Seal-Bit RTV 200-A and Seal-Bit RTV 200-B components in equal parts in a clean pot to avoid product contamination
Mix the two components accurately for approx one minute; stirr slowly and always in the same direction (to avoid incorporating air bubbles in the compound
Before pouring the silicon on the wiring, make sure the junction box is well sealed to avoid product outflow.
Later wiring modifications or maintenance can be done by opening the protective gel (use a cutter), uncovering the wires. Upon completing rework, restore the seal with a new cast of AV 9996 - Seal-Bit RTV 200.