Ganv C-AMPAC Alarm card 8 chanel for C-Allview

Ganv C-AMPAC Alarm card 8 chanel for C-Allview
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Catalogue No:  C-AMPAC
Brand:  Ganz

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Ganv C-AMPAC Alarm card 8 chanel for C-Allview

The C-AMPAC Alarm Card provides many new features, including the ability to work in both serial
and UTC systems. It is therefore possible to monitor alarms remotely and have simplified wiring with
distributed alarms in almost any system, using either the Ganz C-Allview PTZ Camera or C-View domes.

The alarm card allows simple installation wiring, more alarms in a system, and far greater operational
flexibility. Each alarm card has two RS-485 serial ports, one Master and one slave, with 8 opto-isolated
alarm contact monitor inputs. This allows them to be cascaded so that any alarm event ripples through
connected cards immediately, without any polling delay.

C-AMPAC Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • Operation in both Coax and RS-485
  • RS-485 monitoring loop
  • 8 opto-isolated inputs
  • 1 relat output
  • Alarms individually set to N/O or N/C by dip switch 
  • Cards can be cascaded to a maximum of 8 on loop (64 alarms in total)
  • 24V AC nominal supply

Up to 8 opto-isoloated inputs accepted from external alarm generating devices (e.g. motion detectors)
Each of the 8 inputs can be configured as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) independently via switches on the alarm card
Alarm conditions are notified via messages sent over an RS-485 link
Powered with 18-28 V ac/dc
Have the dimensions shown in figure 1 and a maximum component depth of 30mm
Works with domes controlled via coax or RS-485
Works with up to 16 different RS-485 protocols, selectable via switches on the alarm PCB
Ability to send alarm messages to all domes on its RS-485 network (n.b. there are a maximum of 32 nodes on an RS-485 network)
Up to 7 other alarm cards to be attached to the same network and alarms can be sent to each dome connected on the network
One relay output that can be controlled via a message from the control panel when in RS-485 dome control mode
Diagnostic information when receiving an appropriate command from the control panel (in RS-485 control mode)