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Global Data Loop Interface

Global Data Loop Interface
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Catalogue No:  J-NET-INT-485
Brand:  Global Fire

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Global Fire

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Global RS-485 Data Loop Interface

The J-NET-INT-485 interface module allows GFE's range of panels to be interfaced to repeaters and/or sub-panels using a 4-core data communication cable suitable for RS-422/RS-485 data transmission using a common data communication loop in a ring topology. These units can also use a double-redundant data communication loop for extra security and reliability when used in conjunction with a Juno Net or Junior main panel by creating a bi-directional communication flow. In this case if the Juno Net or Junior panel is unable to communicate with a repeater or sub-panel
due to a cut cable or short circuit, it will try to establish communication via the 2nd loop. A communication fault will be signalled by the Juno Net main panel when communication is lost with any sub-panels or repeater panel equipped with a loop card. Please note that the Junior panel, in all its versions, can only be interfaced with Junior Mini-Rep and Junior Rep.

This interface is used in the fire alarm control panel to provide a communications interface for the following:

1) An Orion conventional panel and its repeater(s) - version 1.5 and above
2) A Junior panel (all versions), and its Junior Mini-Rep(s) and Junior Rep(s)
3) A Juno Net panel and Repeater(s), Junior Mini-Rep, Junior Rep and Sub-Panels
This interface is compatible with the following panels, repeaters and sub-panels:
1) Orion Conventional Panel 2, 4 and 8 zones - version 1.5 and above
2) Orion Rep and Orion Mini-Rep
3) Junior analogue addressable panel (all versions)
4) Junior Mini-Rep and Junior Rep
5) Juno Net, expandable analogue addressable panel
6) Juno Net Repeater
7) Sub-Panel

This interface can be used in parallel with other similar modules using other interface technologies such as Fibre Optics, providing the installer with the tools to interface and create a network of panels, repeaters and sub-panels using mixed data communication technologies, catering for the most demanding applications and networking requirements.

Each panel, repeater and sub-panel will require one of these interface modules. The maximum distance between two nodes is 1.2Kms including the return path to the main panel.