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Online Security Products are leading suppliers of the HikVision professional CCTV range 

Hikvision UK authorised distributors. Hikvision CCTV is a world-leading supplier of video surveillance products. Buy Hikvision CCTV at trade prices.

Online Security Products are leading online distributors of HikVision professional CCTV products, customers can order directly from our online catalogue with expected delivery next working day.

Our selection of Hikvision AHD CCTV products has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of our installers, the range of Hikvision analogue HD cameras, Hikvision analogue HD DVRs will meet the needs of installers retrofitting or upgrading conventionally wired CCTV systems and the needs of installers choosing to use conventional Co-axial or CAT5 cabling for new CCTV projects

Hikvision are one of the largest CCTV manufacturers in the world and represent a significant proportion of the CCTV sales in the UK.

We have a vast range of Hikvision IP products including their advanced IP CCTV cameras and award winning IP NVRs which should meet the needs of installers upgrading existing IP CCTV systems and those wanting to install new IP CCTV systems.

Hikvision have designed their NVR recorders to permit configuration in just a few clicks, no expert network knowledge is required

Hikvision products are all backed by a 3 year warranty providing they are purchased through authorised distributors

Hikvision is the world's largest distributor of camera surveillance products. Hikvision has existed since 2001 and has grown to a global leader position in a very short time. Brands like Hikvision camera surveillance represent good quality and are affordable for all businesses and Individuals.

HikVision is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry.

HikVision CCTV DVR's and HD Cameras are market leading CCTV products for industry professionals and are competitively priced to assist specifiers to win contracts.

About Hikvision

Hikvision Cameras

CCTV Cameras are a great way to protect your home or workplace. Hikvision Cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on your home or workplace when you’re away. Hikvision CCTV Cameras range includes Hikvision analogue HD Cameras, Hikvision analogue HD Dome Cameras, Hikvision analogue HD Bullet Cameras and Hikvision analogue HD PTZ Cameras.

Hikvision CCTV Cameras can connect to smartphone, tablet, or PC via a free app and allow you to view a live stream from the CCTV camera anywhere in the world. Hikvision Cameras features motion detection which allow you to receive alerts or text messages straight to smartphone or tablet when the camera detects movement (contrast based movement detection). You can backup, save and view footage directly to your computer. 

Hikvision DVRs

Hikvision DVRs are an affordable security solution that can connect to analogue HD cameras over existing co-axial cable provide full HD resolution, they are supplied with both HDMI and VGA output making them simple to use. Hikvision DVR range include Hikvision 4 Channel DVR, Hikvision 8 Channel DVR, Hikvision 16 Channel DVR and Hikvision 32 Channel DVR. As well as Hikvision Hybrid DVR and new Hikvision Turbo HD DVR. Hikvision DVR Recorders feature Plug and Play for simple set up. Hikvision DVRs can have up to 32TB Storage capacity. USB Flash Drive Backup, USB connection, DVD-RW, Up to 800FPS, I/O, Audio, 960H/WD1 Resolution, Network and Remote Viewing facilities via PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and Tablet. Hikvision remote view App streams clear video over the 3G or WiFi networks which allow you to keep an eye on your home or business via smartphones.

Hikvision IP Cameras

Hikvision 4K IP Cameras transmit recording up to 4096 × 2160 resolution, which provides crisp and clear images. Hikvision 4K IP Cameras are perfect for large area coverage and are ideal for identifying people and vehicles even at great distances. Hikvision 4K IP Camera range in 8MP features True 4k resolution, POE, 3D DNR, DWDR, Infra Red, slow shutter, smart focus, alarm IO, on-board storage, IP66, IP67, audio and built-in heater (optional). 4K CCTV Cameras can be used in homes, offices, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, public areas, retail operations, stadiums, train stations and airports and many other applications.

Hikvision NVRs

Hikvision NVRs are digital surveillance recording systems designed to work with IP Cameras. The IP Cameras are connected via a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) Network with all Cameras and NVR CCTV on the same internal network infrastructure. The Hikvision NVR range includes Hikvision 4 Channel NVR, Hikvision 8 Channel NVR, Hikvision 16 Channel NVR, Hikvision 32 Channel NVR and Hikvision Hybrid NVR which can if required record analogue and IP cameras. Hikvision NVR features include: Plug & Play, PoE Ports, Remote Viewing, Up to 16TB Hard drive capacity, Up to 160Mbps, I/O, Audio and USB connection facilities. Hikvision NVR Recorder remote view Apps designed to stream clear video over 3G or WiFi for remote viewing.