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Internal Sounders

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16 Ohm Teletone Speaker Tampered

16 Ohm Teletone Speaker Tampered£4.66   £3.42

Small 16 Ohm Teletone 'Soapdish' Speaker Tampered

16 Ohm Extention Speaker

16 Ohm Extention Speaker£5.17   £3.79

16 Ohm extension speaker. Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 50mm ABS Mylar Minimum Sound Pressure: 92Db at 1m

Elmdene 16 Ohm Internal Speakers

Elmdene 16 Ohm Internal Speakers£5.52   £4.05

Elmdene 16 Ohm Speakers (Internal Sounders) A range of 2 Extension Speakers for intruder alarm systems,16 ohm tamper and un-tamper units available all rated at 20W and housed in a polycarbonate enclosure.

12V/24V Low Profile Piezo Entry / Exit Bleep

12V/24V Low Profile Piezo Entry / Exit Bleep£6.17   £4.53

12/24VDC Piezo bleep sounder housed in low profile plastic joint box

12V/24V Piezo Entry / Exit Bleep

12V/24V Piezo Entry / Exit Bleep£6.17   £4.53

12/24VDC Piezo bleep sounder housed in standard profile plastic joint box

Elmdene Inter Internal Sounder Range

Elmdene Inter Internal Sounder Range£67.22   £10.37

Elmdene Inter Internal Sounder Range. The Inter range of polycarbonate sounders is available in three versions: high and/or low level sounders with or without strobe. All versions can be supplied with or without an internal battery for SAB or remote powered operation.

Elmdene ELM300 Internal Sounder

Elmdene ELM300 Internal Sounder£67.22   £49.33

Elmdene ELM300 Internal Sounder. The ELM 300 is a high quality, high level sounder housed in a robust 1.2mm powder coated steel enclosure providing very high resistance to attack.

Klaxon Master Blaster Sounder

Klaxon Master Blaster Sounder£123.07   £90.32

Klaxon Master Blaster 240VAC 12/24V Trigger 127dB High Output Siren

The Master Blaster is a mains powered siren designed to be triggered by intruder or fire panels, providing 127dB at 1 metre it is significantly louder than most intruder/fire sounders, ideal for very remote properties.

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