GSM-800AB 2-8 Apartment GSM Door Entry

GSM-800AB 2-8 Apartment GSM Door Entry
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GSM-800AB 2 - 8 Apartment GSM Wireless Door Entry System with optional Keypad

The 800 range of wireless GSM door intercoms are designed for use in shared entrances or gates for between 2 and 8 residents, houses, apartments or flats. Simply put, it will ring up to 3 different telephone numbers for each button. These can be land line telephones or mobile phones or both.

We manufacture this system in a 3 piece design. On the pillar front, the speech panel is installed. Securely fitted around the back (or if on a front door, mounted inside property) is the transmitter/receiver unit in which a SIM card of your choosing is inserted.


For busy shared entrances, this may be best as a contract SIM. For occasional use, a pay and go SIM will be more cost effective. For running costs check with your contract provider. For an estimation, if we have 10 visitors per week, at 20p per visit, running costs will only be £2 per week.


Note that this system also incorporates free access control for up to 100 telephone numbers. If any of the stored numbers in the system rings the intercom, it will open the gate or door without even answering the call, using Caller ID. Therefore this will not cost residents and regular users such as gardeners, maintenance, post man etc anything to enter or exit.

  • Range - unlimited

  • 2 way speech.

  • 2 x Volt free relays momentary output to control automatic gates or door lock.

  • Wide choice of speech panels available.

  • 100 number access control by called ID.

  • Easy to use.

  • Check reception by SMS text.

  • Easy programming by DTMF on any telephone handset, or SMS text.

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