Technical Support - Supplied Free or Charged For?

Monday, 26 September 2011  |  Admin

Technical Support - Free or Charged?

According to Info4 Security Industry News, Norbain have decided to start charging for providing technical support from 03 October 2011.

Read the story here.

Philip Wilkinson (Director) said. "Online Security Products provide free access to technical support for their customers. We feel that technical support is a very large part of what a good distributor has to offer"

He went on to say that as he understood it, "manufacturers (who are included within the Norbain catalogue,) have to pay the salaries of the technical support team", so "this move looks like Norbain are now going to be charging for a service already paid for by the manufacturer's who supply them?" and "I was always under the impression that charging twice to supply a service was not ethical".

Philip added. "If a company setting themselves up to distribute products as a part of the supply chain, no longer holds stock and no longer provides technical support, then what do they do for their margin between manufacturer and installer?"

Philip also said, "this decision erodes further the need for distribution within the security industry" it is not thought through and "risks pushing installers towards taking steps to get direct accounts with manufacturers in order to remove the middle man and effectively provide their own distribution."

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