Scantronic 9853EN43 40 Zone Hybrid Control Panel + 9943 Keypad

Scantronic 9853EN43 40 Zone Hybrid Control Panel + 9943 Keypad
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Catalogue No:  9853EN43
Brand:  Scantronic

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The Scantronic 9853EN is a fully programmable, 16 zone (2- wire FSL) security panel designed to conform to PD6662:2004 Grade 3 system requirements.

The panel includes an integral dialler modem that can communicate any alarm activation or service information to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

Expandable up to 40 zones using wired or 868MHz narrowband wire-free expanders, the 9853EN provides flexibility whatever your security requirements. Wire-free expanders eliminate the need for complex wiring further minimising disruption to your décor during installation.

The 9853EN is ideally suited to both home, commercial and industrial security applications. It combines maximum flexibility with ease of use to provide security, when and where you need it. Simple A, B, C and D setting options allow you to split the system into four individually-controllable sub-systems letting you set either the whole or just parts, or any combination.

Up to 4 attractive remote keypads can be added to any system. The 9853EN-41 comes with the 9941 keypad (as pictured) and uses a 4 or 6-digit PIN code to control system operation. The 9583EN-43 comes with the 9943 keypad, which has an integral electronic reader that simplifies operation and minimises the chance of error by allowing operators to use a personal-encrypted, key-ring proximity tag instead of a code.

The panel’s integral 2400/300 baud CCITT V21 full-duplex modem is used for alarm and service communication, secondary outputs can operate other communication devices such as BT RedCare STUs. To reduce maintenance, the 9853EN has full remote upload/download capability allowing your installer to program and perform diagnostic tests without having to visit your premises.



Product name 9853EN
Security Grade EN50131-1 or PD6662 Grade 3
Sales number 09853EN-41,43
Product Description 40 Zone Grade 3 Panel with 9941 keypad (-41 version) or 9943 keypad (-43 version)


Max zones 40
Zones - on board 16 FSL or 8 CC with individual tamper or 8 EOL
Zones - on expander(s) 24/32
Standard wired outputs - on board 8
Communicator outputs: 8 (9076 footprint)
Outputs on expander module(s) None
Setting Levels: 1 Full + 3 Part (one partition)
Partitions: Four (no part setting partitions)
Log capacity (events): 700
No. Keypads 4
Internal Clock ±10 minutes over one year (depending on the accuracy of the mains supply frequency).
Downloader Yes
Remote Servicing None


Access code  4 or 6 digits
Number of user codes 50 plus installer
Code blocking Blocked for 90s after 13 incorrect characters in series.
Proximity tag differs 4,294,967,296
Back tamper (in addition to lid tamper) Integrated with lid tamper



End Station

End Station dimensions: 385(W), 312(H), 95(D) mm
End Station weight (w/o battery): 5.0 kg
Case material Steel


Keypad name 9941/9943


Environmental Grade  
Operating temperature -10° to +55°C
Humidity 96% RH


Expander/Built-in: Expander (see RFX08 or RFX16)

PSTN Communications

Built in Communicator Yes
Plug on communicator Yes
Plug-by communicator Provides 12 programmable outputs for plug-by module.
Protocols: Fast Format, SIA, SIA II, SIA III, Contact ID
Speech Dialler No
ATS rating 2
Line sharing This product can share a PSTN line with other telephony or fax equipment.

Power Supply

EN50131-6 Type A
Mains power supply 230VAC +10%/-15%, 200mA max, 50Hz ±5%
End station psu 13.8VDC, 1.3A
End station consumption 115mA quiescent, 150mA active
Communicator consumption  
Standby Battery 7Ah or 17Ah, 12V rechargeable lead-acid, gel-type battery.
Low battery voltage cutoff: 10V
Standby time:  Depends on battery
Max recharge time: Depends on battery
12V Aux supply (inc LS) 500mA, 12VDC minimum, 13.8VDC maximum, ripple ±2% maximum.

Data Connections

RS232 Yes
USB None
Printer Yes (three pin RS232)
Ethernet None
GSM None
Engineer keypad port None

Wired Outputs

O/P 1 Voltage-free, single-pole relay contacts, rated 24VDC @ 1A.
O/P 2 Voltage-free, single-pole relay contacts, rated 24VDC @ 1A.
O/P 3 Open-collector transistor outputs, 500mA, 12VDC, negative applied.
O/P 4 Open-collector transistor outputs, 500mA, 12VDC, negative applied.
O/P 5-8 Open-collector transistor outputs, 50mA, 12VDC, negative applied.
LS (loudspeaker) Supports two parallel-connected, externally mounted loudspeakers for internal sounder or EE tones: minimum speaker impedance 16Ω.
Communication outputs 12V logic outputs, negative applied in alarm (positive removed), 50mA maximum.
ST (Siren test) 14.4Vdc

Wired Inputs

TR Tamper return for Bell
Tellback/Remote reset** +12V applied to operate reset.
Line Fault input** +12V applied to indicate line failure.
Aux Tmp None


Other The panel uses fast-acting polyswitch fuses for overcurrent protection: