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Scantronic I-ON16 radio 16 zone endstation & I-KP01 wired keypad

Scantronic I-ON16 radio 16 zone endstation & I-KP01 wired keypad
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Catalogue No:  I-ON16
Brand:  Scantronic

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Scantronic I-on16 control panel with I-KP01 LCD Keypad

NOTE: This product is supplied with the i-KP01 wired keypad, please check when comparing prices

The Scantronic i-on16 wireless home security system provides reassurance for people like you, people with lots to protect and busy lives to lead.

Whether you’re home or away, i-on16 fi ts into your life perfectly. Stylish looks combined with versatility and ease of use, providing uncompromised protection for your home.

Think i-on16 for advanced wireless security from one of the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturers of security systems for homes and families like yours.

The i-on16 system can offer you the following different levels of installation:

Basic (Audible)

A PIR and door contact system that alerts from sounders positioned on the inside and outside of your property

Advanced (Speech Dialler)

Additional protection from shock sensors for property windows, an additional keypad and the added benefi t of dialling up to 4 phone numbers with 4 different messages (e.g. fi re or intruder)

Complete (Monitored)

As Advanced but also contacts a dedicated receiving centre for guaranteed professional response. The receiving centre will contact your nominated keyholders or send a guard to your property.


  • Easy to install, saving you time and money
  • Uses Scantronic Class leading radio system with improved signal strength
  • EN50131 Grade 2x for a professional installation solution
  • 16 Wireless zones, more than enough to cover a domestic or small commercial installation
  • Separate end station and keypad for additional security
  • Full Set and one part set
  • Accepts 2 wired and 2 wireless keypads
  • Four transistorised outputs to drive a wired sounder or basic home automation
  • Connects to the new Scantronic 760ES external radio sounder
  • 250 event log with date and time stamp
  • Option to plug on a speech dialler. Also transmits Contact ID and Fast Format for connection to
    monitoring services
  • Large ‘easy to read’ and simple to understand display
  • Large range of accessories and peripherals
  • Built in two button panic alarm on both wired and wireless keypads, don’t waste time fitting another
    box to the wall



Product name I-ON16
Security Grade Grade 2x.
Sales number I-ON16
Product Description 16 radio zone endstation with remote wired keypad.


Max zones 16
Zones - on board 16 radio.
Zones - on expander(s) None
Standard wired outputs - on board 4
Communicator outputs: None
Outputs on expander module(s) None
Setting Levels: 1 Full + 1 Part
Partitions: None
Log capacity (events): 250 minimum
No. Keypads 4 (2 wired plus two radio)
Internal Clock ±10 minutes over one year (depending on the accuracy of the mains supply frequency).
Downloader None
Remote Servicing None


Access code  4 digits, all four digits may be any number 0 to 9, giving 10,000 differs.
Number of user codes 16 plus installer
Code blocking Blocked for 90s after 13 incorrect characters in series.
Proximity tag differs 4,294,967,296
Back tamper (in addition to lid tamper) Integrated with lid tamper



End Station

End Station dimensions: 384 x 245 x 94, mm HxWxD.
End Station weight (w/o battery): 1.1 kg
Case material ABS.


Keypad name I-KP01
Keypad sales number I-KP01
Display: Backlit blue LCD. 20 chars, two rows


Environmental Grade Class II.
Operating temperature Tested -10 to +55°C.


Expander/Built-in: Built-in
Radio detector differs 16,777,214 (224 -2).
Radio Supervision Programmable.
Jamming detection: Yes
Remote controls 16
Pendants None
Panic Alarms 16
Operating frequency 868.6625MHz Narrowband.
Transmitter range The range of the transmitters compatible with this control unit depends on the environment in which they are installed. As a guideline, most transmitters will work up 200m range in free space conditions.

PSTN Communications

Built in Communicator No
Plug on communicator I-SD01, with proprietary interface
Plug-by communicator No
Protocols: Fast Format, Contact ID, Recorded speech.
Speech Dialler I-SD01, with proprietary interface
ATS rating The I-SD01 module meets the performance criteria of D2, M2, S1, I0, T2 and A0 as described in EN50136-1-1 subject to network conditions.
Line sharing The I-SD01 can share a PSTN line with other telephony or fax equipment.

Power Supply

EN50131-6 Type A
Mains power supply 230VAC +10%/-15%, 170mA max, 50Hz.
End station psu 13.7VDC, 1.5A max
End station consumption 145mA.
Communicator consumption 50mA max
Standby Battery 12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid.
Low battery voltage cutoff: n/a
Standby time:  more than 12 hours.
Max recharge time: less than 72 hours
Battery charge limit 270mA
12V Aux supply (inc LS) 13.7VDC +0.1/-0.4 @ 850mA max.
14V4 supply 14.4V +0.1/-0.2 @ 230mA
12V Keypad bus 13.7V =0.1/-0.5 @ 400mA max
Monitoring includes Mains fail, battery low voltage, battery failure.

Data Connections

RS232 No
Printer No
Ethernet No
Engineer keypad port None

Wired Outputs

O/P 1 Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.
O/P 2 Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.
O/P 3 Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.
O/P 4 Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.
O/P 5-8 None
LS (loudspeaker) Min impedance 16 Ohm, current consumption from 12VAux = 280mA in alarm.
Communication outputs n/a
ST (Siren test) n/a

Wired Inputs

TR Tamper return for Bell
Tellback/Remote reset** Tellback/Remote reset**
Line Fault input** Line Fault input**
Aux Tmp n/a


Mains 250mA mains fuse.
Other The panel uses fast-acting polyswitch fuses for overcurrent protection: