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Sounder - Beacon Addressable

Sounder - Beacon Addressable
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Catalogue No:  Vulcan2AS
Brand:  Global Fire

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Vulcan - 2A Addressable Sounder - Beacon

An Analogue Addressable Sounder, Beacon, isolator or combination unit designed to fit between a base and addressable detector or be used as standalone with a choice of white or transparent lid - detector and base not supplied, purchase separately.

With 15 different variations, the Vulcan 2 brings an exciting flexibility to the Global Fire Equipment range of warning
devices and interfaces. Up to 96 Vulcan 2 devices can be connected to a single Loop depending on Loop Loading. In
the case of combined Sounder and Beacon devices the maximum number of devices should not exceed 64.

The addressable Vulcan 2 is available as an Addressable Sounder, Beacon or combined Sounder / Beacon which may be field configured as a Shadow Sounder / Beacon or Auxiliary Sounder / Beacon.

loop isolator Variant.

All Vulcan 2 devices have dip-switch Address setting while Tone selection is via a jumper. Shadow Sounder and Auxiliary Sounder settings are also achieved using the 8 way dip switch and a jumper respectively. There is also a potentiometer which may be used to adjust the sound level if required.

Normally the Vulcan 2 will be used in conjunction with a detector however a White or Transparent lid is available as an option for the Addressable Vulcan 2.

Shadow Sounder / Beacon

The Vulcan 2 Addressable Sounder / Beacon can be configured as a Shadow Sounder/ Beacon using the 8 way dip switch provided. A Shadow Sounder / Beacon does not have an individual address thus freeing up addresses for more detection devices. Shadow sounders / Beacons do not report back to the control panel so their presence on the Loop is not monitored, however they do draw current from the Loop and must be included in Loop load calculations. The number of combined Sounder / Beacons connected to a Loop should not exceed 64 or 96 in the case of a Beacon or Sounder only.

Auxiliary Sounder / Beacon

When the Vulcan 2 is configured as an Auxiliary device the Sounder / Beacon shares the same address as the detector with which it is co-located. Configuration of this mode is done via the jumper provided. When operating in this mode the Vulcan 2 monitors the Address loop for the command from the control Panel to the detector to illuminate it's LED. When this command is received the Vulcan 2 is also activated. If a Fire is confirmed the remaining sounders may be
activated using the Evacuate command. This reduces the inconvenience to other guests in the event of a false alarm while at the same time giving early warning to the occupant of the room in the case of an actual Fire event. Pressing Sounder silence at the panel silences all active sounders.

The maximum number of Auxiliary Sounder/Beacons is 63 and they can be allocated between address 1 and 63.