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Texecom Medusa Classic PIR

Texecom Medusa Classic PIR£14.44   £6.87

Texecom Medusa Classic PIR. The reliability of the Medusa™ passive infrared detector from Texecom has been proven in use time and again. Millions of units are now in operation throughout the world. Advanced surface mount technology combined with additional filtering and suppression ensure that today’s Medusa now has the highest ever immunity to all environmental disturbances.

Texecom Reflex Classic PIR

Texecom Reflex Classic PIR£19.35   £9.21

Texecom Reflex Classic PIR

Discover exceptional reliability with the Reflex passive infrared detector from Texecom. With proven success in more than 9 million installations, the Reflex has been further enhanced through the use of advanced surface mount technology.

Texecom 3D Petwise PIR

Texecom 3D Petwise PIR£14.26   £10.47

Texecom 3D Petwise PIR Widely regarded by our customers to out-perform all other pet immune detectors, the 3D PetWise can actively discriminate between humans and animals. The world’s first genuine pet immune detector

Texecom AFU-0006 Bracket for Standard PIR 100 pack

Texecom AFU-0006 Bracket for Standard PIR 100 pack£77.58   £36.94

Texecom AFU-0006 Bracket for Standard PIR