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Aiphone GT-DM All in one Stainless Steel Video panel

Aiphone GT-DM All in one Stainless Steel Video panel
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Catalogue No:  GT-DM
Brand:  Aiphone

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Aiphone GT-DM All in one Stainless Steel Video panel

The GT-DM is an all-in-one stainless steel entrance panel with audio, video, name scroll, and keypad.  The camera in the GT-DM has a 170° veiwing angle with PanTilt & Zoom.  Voice annunciation when the visitor calls in.  The LCD can be set to Energy Saver mode and the built in motion sensor will activate the LCD when a visitor approaches.  The keypad will support up to 500 access codes for keyless entry.

The GT-DM is an all-in-one audio/video entrance station with stainless steel cover for the GT Multi-Unit entry system. This unit is equipped with a 170° angle of view PTZ camera. The 10-key keypad allows for direct digital dialing and access entry. A 3.5” color LCD displays a greeting message, tenant names & numbers, and system status. The color LCD may be set to energy saver mode and can activate via the built in motion sensor. The GT-DM is equipped with a six language user assistance guide. The guide provides operational assistance by displaying a visual pictogram as well as audible guidance.
The GT-DM works on a common bus wiring system, carrying the calling and communication functions on a 2 conductor wire, and the video signal on a second 2 conductor wire. A separate power supply provides voltage for the digital display, while the power for the audio and video is supplied on the common bus wires.
The entrance station is designed to be flush mounted but an optional hooded stainless steel surface mount box can be purchased separately (SBX-GTDM).
Audio only and audio/video entrance panels are intermixable within a system, as are audio and video tenant stations. The system allows up to two video stations and two audio stations to be used in the same tenant location (exception to this rule if using the GT-2C).
Communication is hands free at the entrance station when a tenant answers the call.

Aiphone GT-DM Features

  • Hands free audio communication
  • Video image of visitor when called from entrance, or a view of entry area when activated from the tenant station
  • Direct digit dialing, alphabetical scrolling or “jump” scrolling by letter to select tenant name
  • Digital panel can store up to 500 tenant name/number locations
  • Alpha-numeric room numbers and/or names can be programmed
  • Access Control door entry with keypad with up to 500 unique codes to activate door release
  • Scrolling welcome message, up to 160 characters, adjustable scroll speed
  • 3.5” Color LCD displays calling unit name and number
  • Motion sensor to activate LCD
  • PC program for loading resident information, access codes, and welcome message (Via USB)
  • Stainless Steel weather resistant construction

Aiphone GT-DM Technical

  1. Camera
  2. Microphone
  3. Illuminator LED
  4. Speaker
  5. In use LED (orange)
  6. 3.5” Color LCD display
  7. Back search button (or move cursor to the left)
  8. Forward search button (or move cursor to the right)
  9. Cancel button (or set and return)
  10. Call button (or set and move forward)
  11. 10-key (0~9, *, #)
  12. Sensor (If the sensor detects and object, the LCD display will be illuminated)

Power: 24V DC, use specified number of PS-2420UL per system configuration
Calling: Electronic ring tone from entrance panel
Communication: Hands free from entrance panel to tenant station
Capacity: Max. 16 Entry panels per system
Max. 4 Concierge stations per system
Max. 500 Tenant stations per system
Max. 4 Tenant stations per unit
Wire: Two sets of 2-conductor, PE insulation (two common buses for audio & video) Aiphone #872002, 2 conductor PE insulated, non-shielded, 11.05 pf/ft Aiphone #871802, 2 conductor PE insulated, non-shielded, 11.05 pf/ft
Wiring Distance: GT-BC to farthest entrance: 980’
GT-BC to farthest tenant (audio): 980’
GT-VBC to farthest entrance: 980’
GT-VBC to farthest tenant (video): 500’
Talk Path: Single chanel with privacy
Dimensions: 16-⅛” H x 5-⅞” W x 2-⅝” D
Weight: Approx. 6.61lbs (3kg)