Cable installation machine

scaffold tower

Bradford was to be one of the first UK cities to have a waste recycling plant, the main structure was completed and some of the waste handling machinery had been installed.

Incredibly, the waste plant would need an intruder alarm, mainly because of its location within the city, there were several huge scrap yards, metal recycling yards and landfill sites, making the area very unsightly, and frequented by travelling junk collectors selling scrap to the various private yards. The expensive recycling plant equipment had suffered three thefts before it was completed setting the project back

The alarm was to protect the expensive sorting machinery from damage and theft of parts, deemed likely in this part of the city.

I met up with Clancy to assist with the installation, for the first time in my experience, we had a scaffold tower, the tower had ladders and scaffold boards for three lifts, wheels on the main frame and long outriggers for balance to ensure the tower could not topple.

After climbing the tower, clipping a few metres of cable, climbing down, loosening and lifting the outriggers, moving the scaffold, resetting the outriggers and climbing back up to continue clipping, we realised this was going to take ages.

Clancy then came up with an idea, if we set the outriggers to just off the ground, he could climb the scaffold, clip a few metres then I could slowly push the scaffold along as he clipped. We had the recycle centre cabled up in a matter of a few hours and celebrated with a beer for lunch.

In the pub, Clancy realised that we had inadvertently designed a cable installation machine, or at least, as close as Chubb were ever likely to reach one.