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4000Gb CCTV CE DVR Hard Disk Drive

4000Gb CCTV CE DVR Hard Disk Drive
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Catalogue No:  4000GB-CE-HDD
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4000 Gb CE Rated CCTV Hard Disk Drive

Consumer Electronics Drives (CE) What is the difference between a regular desktop PC hard disk and a Consumer Electronics (CE) drive?

Consumer Electronics (CE) hard disks are specifically manufactured for the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) and DVR (CCTV digital video recorder) markets. CE drives are not generally available in computer or electronics stores, and can only be purchased through authorised resellers.

Consumer Electronics drives have a few key differences from normal desktop drives that make them far superior to desktop PC drives for DVR usage: Better streaming video performance - ensuring that you always get a great picture. CE drives are optimized for streaming to avoid the stutters and jerkiness that can be caused by repeated error checking that occurs on regular desktop PC drives. Hard disk drives designed for PC applications are optimized for data integrity through enhanced error detection and correction routines. These error correction 'features' on PC drives cause the data flow to be paused until an error is corrected, which causes jerky playback of video and audio.

Minimized operational noise - whisper quiet operation. CE drives use customized firmware algorithms referred to as the silentseek actuator profile. The silent-seek actuator profile slows the trajectory of the seek pattern, which results in quiet seek operations and lower power consumption. The CE drives supplied by XtendedPlay also use the quietest type of motor available: fourth-generation fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) technology. This results in whisper-quiet operating acoustics of 2.4 decibels - at the threshold of human hearing.

Reduced power consumption - protecting your DVR. CE hard disks are specifically designed to reduce electrical power consumption. PVR's are particularly sensitive to the amount of power used by the hard disk. The power supply electronics in a DVR have often been designed to operate near their limit and the addition of a larger hard disk can put extra strain on the power supply. Installing a regular PC hard disk can cause the life of the DVR power supply to be dramatically reduced.

Reduced heat dissipation - keeping it cool. CE drives are designed to reduce heat to a minimum. The enclosure of a DVR has been designed to deal with the amount of heat generated by the original hard disk drive. Larger capacity PC drives often create much more heat than the standard DVR drive and can cause reliability problems.

(images are of 1TB version of the a CE drive)

Typical CE drives include the Seagate SV35, drives sold will be from a major recognised manufacturer i.e. Seagate, Western Digital or similar. All drives supplied will be CE (consumer electronics types)

Typical Specifications


Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Series SV35.5
Capacity 500GB
Size 3.5 ''
Cash memory 32 MB
Rate of rotation 7200 rpm
Weight 0.68 kg
Remarks purpose-built for CCTV systems