Dead body on canal bank


When I arrived back at Reckett’s security room, the guards were reviewing a recording from the previous night for the police, I watched as the team selected the recording.
When played the time read 01:40 AM, it was dark and the camera was moved by security as part of routine surveillance, it panned around to the canal bank and zoomed in.

The infrared lights picked out clothes strewn all over the embankment, and a naked lady laid face down on the grass, the camera zoomed in further until she was full frame, stopped and recorded this scene.

The guards said that they suspected she had been murdered, so had called the police. This was why they were present to take statements and retain the video footage for evidence.

Rolling the tape on a few minutes, we could see the police arrive, as they do so, the lady sat up, it was now clear there was a man underneath her and that they were just making out on a warm summer night.

However, the police could be seen on the recording coitus interruptus, then order them to collect their clothes, get dressed and arrested them both.