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Dedicated Micros 16CH SD Analog-closed IP 3TB 400PPS DVR/NVR + DVD

Dedicated Micros 16CH SD Analog-closed IP 3TB 400PPS DVR/NVR + DVD
Our Price:  £3,676.40
List Price:  £6,720.00
Saving Of:  £3,043.60 (45%)
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Catalogue No:  DM-SDACP16-3TB
Brand:  Dedicated Micros
Warranty:  3 Years
Compression:  JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
Record Rates:  25 FPS per cam
Max Cameras:  16

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Dedicated Micros

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 Dedicated Micros SD Advanced IP Digital Video Recorder

A powerful hybrid DVR/NVR, the SD Advanced combines all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a high performance embedded NVR and offers multiple channels of IP and Analogue video, HDMI main monitor support, on-board analytics, help videos and Oracle Dome configuration. 9373

Powerful Hybrid DVR/NVR

The SD Advanced is a true hybrid DVR/NVR. Offering up to 32 camera connections in a combination of analogue or IP (including 3rd party IP cameras). Models in the series offer 8, 16 or 32 analogue camera connections, with the balance of the 32 camera connections being made up by IP camera streams - even HD cameras. 9374


The latest generation SD Advanced includes powerful new codecs and the Turbo Mode feature that ensures maximum per camera performance. Enabling Turbo Mode can effectively double the units performance allowing real-time recording at double the resolution
simply with the press of a button. 9376


All SD Advanced models can connect to up to 32 cameras - offering a blend of analogue and IP connections. Each camera can offer realtime viewing, recording and playback simultaneously. 9375


The SD Advanced is supplied ready to be part of the next generation of video security – Closed IPTV. Dedicated Micros’ ground breaking Closed IPTV solution makes deploying an IP Video, CCTV system safe, secure and simple. Combining patent-pending innovation with zeroconf networking technology, Closed IPTV automatically allocates IP addresses to IP cameras by physical port. In this way the system is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and monitoring IP connections by individual network ports so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. This ground breaking solution provides a very simple and secure answer to IP Video, meaning that no prior knowledge of IP networking is required. Sophisticated and Dependable network security can be achieved with a single click. Leverage the powerful embedded NVR within the SD Advanced to incrementally grow your camera estate. Combine your existing installed analogue cameras with secure IP and HD cameras from a Closed IPTV system. Up to 32 camera streams can be connected enabling analogue and secure IP cameras to be shown together seamlessly.
All that is required to take the next leap in video surveillance technology is Dedicated Micros unique Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch and NetVu Connected IP cameras.

Back Panel

Key Features

  • Powerful Hybrid DVR with embedded NVR 9380
  • Up to 32 inputs in a combination of analogue or IP 9381
  • Real-time recording per camera 9382
  • Achieve playback, recording & live viewing simultaneously 9437
  • Forms part of a Closed IPTV system when used with a Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch 9383
  • HDMI Main monitor output for high definition display 9384
  • HD IP Camera Recording 9385
  • Double the products performance with Turbo Mode 9386
  • Up to 4TB of local storage, expandable using MSUs 9387
  • AnalyticsCapable 9388
  • Recoding of 3rd party IP cameras and devices enables VMD and analytics 9389
  • On-screen telemetry control with Point&Go and Absolute Positioning 9390
  • On-board Help Videos 9391
  • Text support - capture text and embed till, ATM or analytics data with video to enable fast search of events from Retail, Banking or Access control systems 9392
  • Coaxial & Serial and IP Telemetry Control 9393
  • MultiMode Recording – Dynamically-switchable resolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG4/JPEG/H.264) per camera 9394
  • Built in DVD-R writer and USB ports for archiving evidential material 9395
  • TransCoding - High quality recording and simultaneous video transmission using MPEG4, JPEG or H.264 for playback 9396
  • Color-coded soft key menus, identical local and remote interfaces 9397
  • User customizable system map for multiple system management 9398
  • Per camera Polymorphic streams change resolution, bit rate and compression mid stream 9399
  • Embedded Operating System

Techncial Specification

 CAMERAS 8, 16 or 32 analogue input models. Auto detection on power up.
Alarm on Camera Fail. 32 IP camera streams supported on all
models of which 8/16/32 can be analogue (model dependant) with
the remainder being made up of IP streams*.
 RECORDING 8 Channel Unit: 200pps @ 2CIF / 100pps @ 4CIF
16 Channel Unit: 400pps @ 2CIF / 200pps @ 4CIF
32 Channel Unit: 800pps @ 2CIF / 400pps @ 4CIF
Real-time per camera @ 2CIF, 12.5pps per camera @ 4CIF
irrespective of analogue or IP source. The maximum performance
parameters shown here are achievable when Turbo Mode is
 layer 3 enhanced cctv switch Unlock the powerful features of Closed IPTV within the SD
Advanced with the addition of our Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch.
The switch provides simple plug and play connectivty for Closed
IPTV cameras and seamlessly integrates with the DVR for a perfect
blend of secure analogue and IP camera connections. Directly
connect 16 Closed IPTV cameras to the switch, cascadable up to
32 cameras with the addition of a second switch. Camera PoE is
an option to reduce the need for additional cabling.
• 16 network ports (10/100 BaseT) with optional PoE
• 4 gigabit cascade / uplink ports (1 x primary, 1 x public, 2 x
 STORAGE Up to 4TB of on-board storage, additional storage available via
eSATA port.
 MONITOR VIEWING Main Monitor: Composite or HDMI Output
Spot monitor: 1x Composite Output
 REMOTE VIEWER Integrated into the configuration web pages, the remote viewing
client reflects the local on-screen user interface.
 MultiMode Recording Set different record rates, resolutions (QCIF to 4CIF), and
compression algorithms (MPEG-4/JPEG/H.264) dynamically on
individual cameras and across the whole unit for both normal and
alarm modes.
 REMOTE CAMERA CONFIGURATION Configure Oracle Domes, Infiniti cameras and CamVu products
directly through the menu interface and web pages of the DVR.
 VIDEO MOTION DETECTION Programmable VMD grid with individually definable zones per
camera. User-definable sensitivity for each zone and pre and post
activity recording, definable by user.
 ALARMS AND RELAYS 20 Normally open/closed tamper proof alarm inputs. One global
keyswitch can be assigned to operate from any of these inputs and
is configurable with entry/exit route timers. 4 relay outputs are
configurable to trigger in response to events.
 ALARM ZONES Alarm zones combine multiple alarm inputs to generate alarm events.
This can help to minimise false triggers. e.g. you can set an alarm to
be triggered by a combination of a PIR and Camera VMD to remove
miss-triggers from either source.
 AUDIO Line in: 2x 1V pk-pk, RCA phono socket 9415
Line out: 2x 1V pk-pk, RCA phono socket 9416
Local and network audio record and playback
 EVENT COPYING Integrated DVD-writer and USB ports. Event Copying or Selective
Archiving of video.
 ACTIVITY DETECTION Activity detection will switch the selected camera from normal
record profile to alarm record profile.
 HELP VIDEOS The SD Advanced includes on board help videos for assistance on
both User and Configuration features. Accessible from both the local
and remote viewer the help videos cover all major operation and
configuration topics include: Basic Live and Playback control, telemetry
control, alarm configuration, event reviewing and archiving.
 TEXT SUPPORT The unit can search captured transaction data for specific goods
purchased, transaction numbers, credit card references, keywords etc.
and jump straight to the associated video sequence.
 TELEMETRY Built-in RS485/Twisted pair and Coax protocols including but not
limited to the following: Dedicated Micros 2040, 2060, Oracle, Pelco
P/D/C, Honeywell / VCL Orbiter & Jupiter Microspheres™, GE
CyberDome™, BBV RS485 StarCard, Bosch/Philips G3, American
Dynamics, Panasonic. Also supports Point&Go and Absolute
Positioning when connected to an Oracle Dome over RS485
 LOCAL CONTROL Front panel keypad, an attached telemetry keyboard, the supplied IR
remote, USB mouse or USB QWERTY Keyboard.
 DATA PORTS Serial Ports: 2x RS485, 2x RS232 9426
Ethernet: 1x Ethernet RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet connection. 9427
USB: 3 x USB 2.0 Connector (1 front, 2 rear) 9428
eSATA: 1x eSATA port 9429
Keyboard: 1 x RJ12 9430
IR Remote: 1x IR sensor at front of unit, IR Jack at rear
 Ancillary data Compression: JPEG, MPEG-4 & H.264 format files.
Dimensions: 89mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 537mm (D)
Weight: 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs) with built-in PSU
Power Supply: 250W Internal Power Supply
Relative Humidity: 10% - 85% Non-condensing
Warranty: 3 years warranty including HDDs