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Fermax 4899 1/W VDS Video City Kit panel W.Prox

Fermax 4899 1/W VDS Video City Kit panel W.Prox
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Catalogue No:  4899
Brand:  Fermax

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Fermax 4899 1/W VDS Video City Kit panel W.Prox

Installed in the accesses to the building, they enable communication with homes, opening the door unit call, etc .. Incorporates COLOUR camera system with integrated lighting and pan & tilt control to adjust the camera lens. Reader that enables door opening when approaching a proximity card, similar to a credit card. Only authorized cards will activate the device. No physical contact is necessary.

New Cityline Panel.

Cityline is the line of street signs "continuous profile" for buildings. This new panel model is more robust, more luxurious and higher design and functional quality. The new design, in its video entry version, the audio and video functions in the same module. It is characterized by its curved-convex profile while maintaining the same features of its predecessor. There is full compatibility between both models, ensuring immediate substitution and replacement. They are made of anodized aluminum, highly resistant to weather and climate changes. It incorporates new materials like chrome zamak heads and buttons

The Cityline panels do not include flush mounted box or surface. These must be ordered separately. You can combine two or more panels, as long as they are from the same series. For a perfect fit should use a tab set every two panels installed between their flush mounted boxes.

Color aluminum.

VDS System: Simplified and video entry system that does not use call wires housing. The call is made by transmission of a digital call code generated by the VDS amplifier.

- In new works, installation can be carried out with the following type of wiring: UTP CAT5 / 5 threads / 3 wire + Coaxial (video). Lets you manage up to 199 homes, 2 entrance accesses and a central guard.
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.

- In replacement, you can make the change from analogue entry to video entry system using the existing wiring. The system capacity and distance depend on the field wiring.

The VDS amplifier includes voice synthesizer series. "Door open, please close after entering": When engaged the lock release a message is issued.

The home terminals require simple programming done from the outdoor panel. Through this programming is assigned to each terminal (telephone or monitor) a call code.

Communication is private.

Audio: 3-wire bus.
Video: UTP CAT5 / 5 threads / 3 wire + Coaxial (video).
Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.

Technical Specifications

Camera Specifications:
- Output image: 1.1Vp-p / 75Ω
- Resolution: 350TV Lines
- Pixels: PAL 500 (H) x582 (V) 290Kp / NTSC 510 (H) X492 (V) 250Kp
- View angle: 90 °
- Sensitivity: 0.1 Lux
- Pan & Tilt: 10 °

Plate Series 4.
- Plate Dimensions: 130x199 mm (width-height).
- Measures recessed box: 115x185x45 mm (width-height-depth).
-Measurements Box size:

Power supply: 18 Vdc

- Idle: 65 mA.
- Call: 600 mA.
- Active audio: 100 mA.
- Audio + video: 180 mA (camera consumption: 80mA)


Audio capacity home-outdoor panel: 2W

Audio capacity outdoor-housing: 0,15W

Volume adjustable in both directions

Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ° C

Proximity reader that by incorporating configuration dipswitches can run on an autonomous, networked standalone system or centralized.

* Standalone reader:
Capacity up to 400 users. 1 access.
- Does not require physical reader-card contact.
- Acoustic and visual information of actions.
- Manual or PC (high-low card) Extremely simple programming.
- Control of door sensor and exit button
- Relay output.
- Po lock activation relay 2. Programmable 1-99 sec.
- LED and buzzer confirmation of acceptance or rejection of card presented.
- Supply 12 Vac / 12 Vdc.

* Wiegand Reader:
Requires gate driver (ref. 4420/44201) for connection to the installation of autonomous control or centralized network access.
Lets you equip the installation of access control anti-sabotage security by not incorporating the door opening mechanism nor the exit button connection. These functions are supported by the driver door
They can be used with door controllers using Wiegand-26 bit or Magstripe protocols (data / clock).
Wiring: 7 wires to door controller.
Power: 12 Vdc

* Reader with integrated controller:
It is used in installations centralized access control through the central MDS or CAC
- Door sensor (sets off an alarm if the door is left open unintentionally or is forced)
- Exit button (for controlled opening from inside)
- Connection opener.
2 wire cables for power supply and twisted pair for data to central unit. In an installation with several readers they can be cascaded.
Power: 12 Vdc