Locked out on the eleventh floor

on the window ledge

Technical college one day a week  did have its entertainment value, in our group there was one lad who was particularly annoying, he loved to beat us to the lift and as we were always late back from lunch, he would leave us stranded on the ground floor meaning we had to climb the stairs, usually to the eleventh floor. 

He dipped one of the other student’s calculators into saltwater ruining it. He stabbed my can of pop with a small screwdriver whilst I was drinking from it, meaning it now leaked everywhere. He would also, as part of a non-smoking campaign steal student’s cigarettes and destroy them. 

One day, we had left our bags in the classroom on the eleventh floor during lunch, as we would be back in the room for a lesson next. The annoying lad arrived first, and opened the metal windows, hung peoples bags out and closed the window on the strap. 

Fortunately, the straps had an inch or so visible, so we were able to hold the last bit, open the window and recover the bags. This was a step too far for some, and they grabbed his bag, opened the window, and trapped it by the strap, closing the window and cutting off the last inch of the strap.

He was now left with a dilemma, open the window and his bag would fall ten stories onto a flat roof below or take other steps to recover his bag. He decided to open the next window, climb out onto the ledge and shuffle along to his bag, someone closed the window behind him so he could not get back in, then opened the window holding the bag a crack so he now had his bag back, after several minutes, he realised we were not going to let him back in, so he shuffled across to the window of the next classroom where a lesson had started. The lecturer gave him an almighty rollocking for being out on the window ledge and he calmed down somewhat after that.