Nailed it!

Nail in wood

When a customer ordered an alarm system from Chubb it was usually due to a requirement of their insurance company which would only provide cover following the installation of a system, the system required had to be designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by the company during the period of insurance cover, so for the foreseeable future.

Companies like Chubb had all the necessary insurance qualifications and external accreditation required. This made the Chubb external sounder a valuable item, and the control equipment with associated signalling equipment was sought by some to try to understand and defeat the systems. 

Properties with a Chubb alarm installed were a deterrent to intruders, hence to ensure that the equipment with the Chubb logo were not left in properties where the system was no longer under a maintenance contract, Chubb’s contract was clear, the alarm equipment was leased, not owned by the customer. 

Service engineers would be sent out to promises where the contract had not been renewed and would remove the controls, detectors, and sounders. 

One day, working with Martin , he once again revealed his very warped sense of humour, I went into the car park area of the property we were working on and found him cutting slots in the heads of three large round head nails, then putting them into a bottle with pee in it. 

I decided not to ask. Later I could hear a lot of hammering and went to see what was happening, Martin had used the nails to install the control panel onto a concrete block wall, they looked just like screw heads now and I could not resist asking, why? Martin replied, let’s see those service engineers reclaim this panel at some point in the future. I had to ask, so why were they in a bottle of piss, Martin replied, it’s an old joiner’s trick, it makes the nails rust and become part of the concrete blocks.

I could picture now, in ten or more years, a service engineer struggling like mad to undo those ‘screws’.