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Paxton 242-166 SWITCH2 CONTROLLER 12V 1A PSU

Paxton 242-166 SWITCH2 CONTROLLER 12V 1A PSU

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Catalogue No:  242-166
Brand:  Paxton

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Suprema 242-166 SWITCH2 CONTROLLER 12V 1A PSU

Technical Specification

Operating voltage 11 12 14 V DC
Voltage supplied by Paxton 1A PSU 11.4 12 12.6 V DC
Current consumption     80 mA
Current capacity of Paxton 1A PSU     1 A
Switchable voltage     24 V DC
Switchable current     4 A
Alarm/bell output current     1 A
System Specification
Number of card holders     10000  
Number of codes     50  
Code length 4   8 digits
Number of PINs     3000  
PIN length     4  
Readers/keypads per door     3  
Door open time 1 7 60 sec
Time zones (with additional time clock)     2  
Access levels (colour zones)     3  
Silent operation   Yes    
Can be used with fail OPEN release   Yes    
Can be used with fail CLOSED release   Yes    
Exit button input   Yes    
Door contact input   Yes    
Alarm/bell output   Yes    
Operating temperature -20   55 °C
Moisture resistance   None    
Width   71   mm
Height   70   mm
Depth   23   mm
Dimensions - Paxton 1A PSU in plastic housing
Width   200   mm
Height   200   mm
Depth   78   mm