Product Images

All professional products offered for sale from this website are sold by manufacturers part number published for every product adjacent to the heading "Catalogue Number"

Great care has been taken to provide images and text with products however please note:

Selecting variants of products will change the catalogue number of the part to be supplied, please ensure the correct part number is selected prior to completing the purchase, i.e. 123S = small case 123 = standard case 123L = large case, yet may all display the same image and text, care should be taken to ensure you order the correct variant part number for your requirement.

An order for Manufacturers part No. 123ABC will be fulfilled with Manufacturers part No. 123ABC, specification is as published by the Manufacturer for the current product, regardless of the image/text displayed.

No liability is accepted for products which differ from the published image/s or text on this website as images and text shown may be incorrect or out of date, customers should check with manufacturers current product datasheets and/or with manufacturers marketing departments to determine that the part selected meets their requirements prior to ordering.

Product images/text displayed on this website may vary from actual product supplied for various reasons; -

  1. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the design/specifications without warning under "continuous improvement"
  2. Images/text of the exact product may not be available and a similar image has been used i.e. 1 button panel image when product supplied is multi button
  3. Images/text may differ from actual product due to error
  4. Images/text may contain other products relating to but not supplied with the part offered for sale i.e. batteries, cables, fobs, multiple product variants merged etc.
  5. Manufacturers utilise the same enclosure for multiple products, the images may all look the same, but the electronics and compatibility differ
  6. No commercial product images were available at time of listing