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Our managing director was offered an apprenticeship with a major national intruder installer way back in 1976 (when it was still common to install record players dialling the 999 emergency services to call the police), Qualifying to bank engineer level and (during his career) working on major sites including the Humber Bridge, Brinks Mat, Menwith Hill, Police forensic labs, Banks, Bullion storage strongrooms, major museums and many more.

From there he has worked with CCTV systems as a service engineer for CamEra as far back as 1982 and with hands free access control (RFID) systems with Security Centres as far back as 1984 when these systems were in their infancy, he was brought on board to commission the Network Southeast driver only CCTV system between 1984 and 1986 gaining valuable experience of managing a large team.

In 1986 he accepted a role as technical director with a medium size NACOSS approved security company based in Yorkshire, providing training, staff recruitment, IT services, ISO 9001 quality control, project management, and technical support to the company which maintained systems for over 26,000 customers.

He then held the post of Managing and technical Director for Xtag Ltd, a successful manufacturing company, winning awards and local government development grants for innovation within the security industry, pushing forward the boundaries of what is now possible with RFID, designing an award winning ultra long range system used in many hospitals throughout the world in their post natal wards to prevent unauthorised removal of babies.

Between 2001 and 2008 sitting on the board of several small UK limited companies offering many services, including e-commerce website design and fireworks retail.

Amongst other projects, he worked as a professional project manager for DePuy International orthopaedics research department,  this diversity keeps him in the driving seat and current with his many diverse skills.


Became our marketing manager in May 2010, he has many years experience in marketing with major companies including Costco prior to joining Online Security, skills he brings with him into this new role, enthusiastic as always he is a pleasure to work with and has also taken on the role of day to day account management.

Interests include cars, home cinema, powerful computers (he is the proud owner of an Alienware MX18 laptop) keep fit and all forms of alcohol.


Our finance director and company secretary has many years experience both within the security industry and outside, In the late 1980's she accepted a role as a director with Stocks Security Systems Ltd a NACOSS approved security company based in Yorkshire, providing secretarial training, staff recruitment and ISO 9001 quality control to the company which maintained systems for over 12,000 customers.

Between 2003 and 2008 as a director of several companies in the UK her skills were honed to include financial direction, a role she now provides for Online Security Products.


Joined the team in November 2010 as our in house IT manager and graphics designer helps us to keep the website looking sharp, Chris brings a lot of experience and skills with him which have been welcomed by the whole team.


Our most recent member, brought in to fulfill our growing requirement for bookkeeping and accountancy, Sara brings many years experience working within process control for one of the leading UK mobile phone service providers, her skills are welcome and her experience has already started to re shape our record keeping and order processing areas.


Our chartered accountant from Benson Walker & Co helps us to maintain our accounts, payroll and VAT returns and keeps us on the right financial path.

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