That Martin is embarrassing

Guy letting rip

On one of my days in the stores, one of the supervisors Peter walked in and looked a bit stressed, then said, Phil please would you make some tea. He made a few phone calls and then turned to the other supervisors and said, do you know, that Martin is bloody embarrassing.

Peter related that he had just returned from a site meeting with a large company, the new alarm was to be extensive covering the works and the offices in a new build property, the MD and two senior managers had attended the site meeting and Martin was there to understand the clients requirements.

Peter went on to say, he had been walking with Martin through the factory section with the client when Martin had farted loudly. Everyone seemed to ignore this, but when they arrived in the new open plan office area full of telephonists and typists, Martin had repeated the performance, only this time much louder and in several bursts lasting longer, the client team walked off a few paces leaving Martin and Peter alone.

The other supervisors now we're hanging on every word from Peter’s mouth, “what did you say” asked one, Peter replied, what could you say, I nudged Martin and muttered “give it up” and he farted again, then pointed to the people in the office and said, in a voice they could all hear, “what’s up, they all do it as well don’t they”.