The Gaiety

Dancing woman

The Gaiety in Leeds was a large public house with live music, dance hall and during the lunch hour, strippers performing in the round, it opened in 1972 and was eventually demolished to reduce crime and prostitution in the area in the 1990’s, its reputation was really that bad. 

The pub’s location on the junction of Gathome Terrace and Roundhay Road was in the red lights district, directly opposite the Rendezvous Café, a favourite haunt for prostitutes plying their trade in the area.

Chubb had the contract for the intruder alarm, which was ‘serviced’ very regularly, especially at lunchtime, most systems at this time which utilised dry cell batteries, were serviced four times per annum, however the Gaiety seemed to receive a lot more visits than other similar contracts.

On one occasion, I was out on the road with a service engineer John for the day, at lunchtime he drove to and parked at the back of the Gaiety, he used his security pass for access to the strip show. 

When we arrived, there were already two more service engineers’ cars in the car park, Mike, and Andy, we all met at the bar. I was handed a pint, and the four of us stood in the front row of the performance area waiting for the show to begin. 

Shortly the show started, a young stripper I estimated to be 18 – 19 years of age performed first, the striptease performances were in the round, so with just a small area kept clear for the performers to enter and exit the stage, the audience surrounded the performance area. 

The young stripper performed to rapturous applause, she was then followed by her mother, approximately 38 years of age and a lot raunchier in her performance. 

At one point she took a half-consumed pint off Andy, who we had the impression she knew, probably due to the amount of times he had ‘serviced’ the alarm that year. 

Holding the glass against her breast, she performed a few manoeuvres and gyrations dowsing her breast in his beer, she then gave Andy the glass back. 

A few minutes later she (and the audience) saw Andy take a drink from the glass. The audience all cheered, so she took it from him again, this time she managed to dowse her pussy in the glass by holding it in the required position and performing a slow back flip, then returned the pint to its owner.

Once again, Andy drank from the glass downing the contents in one, the stripper laughed, the audience went wild, and many of the front row offered her their glasses, but the moment was over and she declined, having completed her performance.