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Online Security Products professional DVR selection

Online Security Products are authorised distributors for several DVR manufacturers including Apollo, Zeus, Genie, Venum, XDH, Dedicated Micros and more.

Apollo DVRs are one of the biggest selling DVR brands in the UK, they represent excellent value and provide professional features such as D1 recording, alarm inputs, audio recording, mobile phone network viewing and much more

Apollo HD DVRs are mid range products branded QVIS and sold with a 2 year warranty, they offer the best set of features against cost ratio, all have full D1 real time recording capability, networked, dual stream, mobile phone connectivity and RS485 camera control along with audio recording and alarm functions

Our 4 channel Zeus range of DVR's branded QVIS feature 25 frames per second per camera recording at D1 H.264, network and mobile phone connections, professional GUI and many advanced features at a reasonable price.

The XDH range of professional DVR's are available either as the compact (no DVD-R drive) or the Pro (with jog shuttle and DVD-R drive). The XDH range are fully featured real time commercial recorders featuring multiple monitor outputs, audio and alarm connections, network and mobile connectivity and D1 recording with H.264 compression, supplied with a superb CMS software tool for maximum flexibility, these digital video recorders are built for high performance yet are reasonably priced.

The Venum Pro digital video recorder is one of the most powerful and advanced DVR's on the market, featuring 25 frames per second per channel at D1 720x576 resolution, output via HDMI connector at 1080P 1920x1080 resolution, network and mobile, Esata, USB2.0, 4 spot monitors, commercial GUI and up to 24Tb hard disk drive storage, HDD's are fitted into a swappable bay for ease of maintenance and for good measure, they are supplied with CMS software for multiple log-ins via the network.

The Genie CCTV range of CCTV digital video recorders are designed an assembled in the UK, Genie CCTV are one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, quality is the main reason for choosing Genie CCTV products with continuity of supply a strong second.

Ganz digital video recorders are professional recorders at sensible prices, have a look at the range, you will discover many features only found on high end machines are available on their standard products, Ganz are a highly respected manufacturer of CCTV products and have been trading in the UK for many years.

Dedicated Micros NVR (Network video recorders) are the market leaders in the CCTV digital recorder range, Established over many years Dedicated Micros are one of the only CCTV digital recorder manufacturers to design their product here in the UK, this is reflected in the quality of the software and manuals supplied with the recorders.

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