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Online Security Products are authorised distributors of Computar, Dahua and Genie CCTV Lenses

Computar CCTV Lenses provides over 200 state-of-the-art lens products giving you the flexibility needed to get the precise angle of view for every application. Computar lenses are employed extensively in high-security applications such as airports, banks, government buildings and commercial industries.

Varifocal lenses offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths. Focal length adjustments can be made with a turn of the dial, virtually eliminating the cost and inventory problems associated with improper monofocal lens selection. All lenses are CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking set screws and a durable metal barrel and mount, and are covered by a three-year warranty. 
Infrared Lenses (-IR series) are designed for use with Day/Night cameras. They eliminate focus shift in night mode, especially in the presence of IR lighting.

Monofocal lenses provide fixed focal lengths from super wide angle to telephoto depending on the camera format and intended application. Monofocal Fixed Iris lenses are for fixed lighting applications where cost is the most important consideration

Megapixel Lenses are designed specifically for use with CCD Cameras and video equipment for machine vision applications such as image processing, automated inspection, identification, automated gauging, guiding, positioning and other factory automations. For close-up and macro applications, the MLHX10 and Telecentric lens (TEC-55) are designed for machine vision systems with a wide range of magnification and viewing angles.

Manual Zoom Lenses provide manual adjustment of focal length, iris and focus. For use where variable angle of view is required. Main applications include inspection and robotics.

Motorized Zoom Lenses provide remote control of focal length, iris and focus through the use of a lens controller, used where variable focal length and remote control are required. Applications include long distance surveillance in parking lots, highways, etc.

Pinhole specialty lenses were engineered for the most covert of applications. Where discrete or covert work is needed, Computar offers a range of pinhole lenses 2.5mm up to 9mm (2/3" C-Mount type). The tapered lens tip requires only an 1/8" hole through a wall or ceiling surface.