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The latest Genie CCTV WISH-IP CCTV solutions make installing high resolution CCTV simple, the network recorders now have an option of built in PoE power supply. This means you simply run a CAT5E patch cable between each camera and the recorder and the system is working. In addition they now utilise H.265 compression which can reduce the file sizes to around 60% of the size created by H.264 reducing the requirement to buy large quantities of HDD storage again saving both money and complexity.

Genie CCTV Ltd is a British born company based in Welwyn Garden City and are proud of their international reputation – exporting to over 30 countries, they have aimed for business with a personable feel. With a close-knit team has meant their roots guide their decisions and enable them to remain flexible to change and – most importantly – their customers needs.

With ISO9001 accreditation, Genie CCTV are able to assure their customers delivery on time, an above-the-norm product quality & service, and fewer returned products & complaints.

Beyond the products, Genie CCTV pride themselves on being able to equip their customers with the most extensive live sales & aftercare service available in the world. That means, unlike most manufacturers, with a dedicated sales and technical support teams with extensive first line and installation experience behind them. Going above and beyond and are more than capable in assisting with system design through to product specification and on to site surveys.