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NDAA compliant is the buzzword in the CCTV industry at the moment, why is this and what does it mean?

In the past few years, the US, UK, and Australian governments have initiated bans on the utilization of Chinese security cameras within their parliamentary premises, citing significant apprehensions regarding data security and privacy. The presence of Chinese (weather) balloons drifting over US airspace has only served to exacerbate these concerns.

Recently, a member of the UK Parliament wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons, urging a thorough review of the use of Chinese-owned security cameras within Westminster.

This call to action prompted the Office of Public Works (OPW) to conduct a comprehensive review of CCTV protocols, aiming to align with best practices and implement any necessary recommendations in collaboration with industry experts.

Hikvision, a leading Chinese-owned CCTV manufacturer, holds a substantial presence in the UK market. In light of the scrutiny prompted by parliamentary discussions and the OPW review, Hikvision issued a formal statement in response.

Is there an alternative solution available? Indeed, there is. Over five years ago, an American client requested a CCTV solution compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This has since become a commonplace requirement among American companies.

The NDAA encompasses a series of US federal laws regulating the budget of the Department of Defense. In 2019, Section 899 of the NDAA was enacted, prohibiting the procurement of telecommunication and CCTV equipment from specified Chinese companies and their subsidiaries by the US federal government, government contractors, and recipients of grants and loans.

These prohibitions were implemented due to alleged concerns that such systems could potentially facilitate remote surveillance by the Chinese government.

For a product to be NDAA compliant, it must not incorporate applications manufactured by or contain components sourced from blacklisted Chinese entities such as Huawei/HiSilicon, Hikvision, ZTE, Hytera, Dahua, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliated entities.

In addition to federal agencies being barred from procuring equipment from these brands, they are also prohibited from engaging with contractors utilizing surveillance technology from these blacklisted entities.

In pursuit of NDAA-compliant solutions, Online Security Products have selected a range of products form several manufacturers which are certified compliant including Genie CCTV, Vista CCTV, Ernitach CCTV and Samsung (Hanwha Techwin)

Choosing NDAA compliant products for government organisations eliminates the requirement to replace systems going forward should legislation tighten in the future and can give your customers paece of mind that there can be no unauthorised access into their system.