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For installers looking for a mid-range offering with high-end support, Vista is the perfect solution. We pride ourselves on a range of differentiated products, developed in alignment with customer feedback, and can provide a relevant solution that helps you stand out in the ever-changing market place.

With over 25 years’ experience in the CCTV industry, we have made it our mission to understand your business. Headquartered in Reading, UK, everything we do is based around our values of listening, understanding, advising and supporting.

What makes Vista different?

Vista don’t just provide products; before we offer any solution we listen to your specific requirements. Offering a differentiated product range reflecting the brand’s depth of market understanding, Vista can advise you on the best course of action tailored specifically around your project – whether you’re looking to make the most of your current analogue infrastructure, or benefit from the advantages of IP.

Why should I buy your Products?

The Vista Business Development team work closely with you and your End Users to ensure you get exactly what you need to meet your project requirements. We won’t just send you a datasheet. We will help you prove the suitability of the suggested solution through technology days or demonstrations at our Innovation Centre.

What’s in it for me if I do?

By choosing Vista, you’ll be working with a partner that will stand by you every step of the way and help to resolve any issues by taking ownership of the solution. You’ll benefit from our pre-configuration services, a 3 Year Advance Replacement as standard, Technical Support, along with Customer Services and Product Management teams to ensure that your project is a success.