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Fermax Video Door Entry Skyline Modules

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Fermax 1622 Lynx Skyline Video Module
Fermax 7421 Skyline Colour Video Module VDS
Fermax Colour Video Module 7406
Fermax Digital Display Modules
Fermax 7439 Skyline Direct Keypad
Fermax 7447 Skyline Digital Keypad
Fermax 9613 Cityline memokey Keypad
Fermax 9642 Skyline MDS/VDS/BUS2 Direct Keypad
Fermax 7453 Skyline CAC Keypad
Fermax 7438 Memokey W LED Keypad Module
Fermax Skyline Single Push Button Modules
Fermax 6565 Smile Monitor Connector White
Fermax 6566 Smile Monitor Desk Support
Fermax 6567 Smile Monitor Connector White
Fermax 7457 CAC SKYLINE Direct Keypad W
Fermax Skyline Double Push Button Modules
Fermax 7443 Syline Metalic Complement W
Fermax 7448 and 7460 Information screen
Fermax 7440 Proximity Reader Module
Fermax 7442 Syline Metalic Complement
Fermax Panoramic Cardholder W module
Fermax Skyline Frames 1V-8V
Fermax 2540 Skyline Cable Connection 4+N
Fermax 2541 VDS connection Cable

FERMAX SKYLINE Modular Infinite Possibilities

SKYLINE is the only one able to respond to all the market needs. Integrating VIDEO DOOR ENTRY, ACCESS CONTROL AND  INFORMATIVE DISPLAYS in the same unit. Providing TOTAL CREATIVE FREEDOM through its versatility and modular design. FERMAX guarantees the immediate supply of SKYLINE products worldwide.


 28 different references: 8 frames of different dimensions, audio-video modules, pushbutton modules, digital modules, access control readers, informative modules and other accessories.


Modules include the most cutting-edge technologies and functionalities, such as the new informative screen or biometric reader.The modules are mutually compatible. The smart connection system facilitates their repair and maintenance, as well as the subsequent inclusion of more cutting-edge equipment or new modules.


Manufacturing materials – anodized aluminium profile, chromed zamak pushbuttons and reinforcements, polycarbonate in transparent elements, stainless steel inner grids, etc - are chosen for their beauty and maximum resistance to bad weather.


Consists of 8 different-sized frames where different modules can easily be fitted. Modules come in 2 sizes, designated V and W (W is twice the size of V). The audio and video modules are available in all FERMAX technologies (VDS, MDS and 4+N). Once technology has been selected, the use of these modules with the appropriate frames, allows to set up the necessary panel for any installations.




The module-frame clip-on assembly system is very simple and effective. The modules fit perfectly into the profile. Watertight tapes prevent water and dust entry. Once the panel is assembled, the different modules are connected to each other. The final result is a compact and robust equipment set, just like a monoblock panel (IP43 IK7). The pushbutton contacts and digital keypad are watertight, assuring their operation and reliability. Proven in laboratory trials to be able to resist 100,000 pressings in 48 hours.

Technical Features (VDS Video Panel with Pushbuttons