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GJD332 Mini Opal External PIR

The Mini Opal is an inconspicuous, yet attractively styled 30-metre external passive infrared detector that works in conjunction with GJDs security lighting controllers

£82.75   £45.27
GJD018 Opal RFX Wirless External PIR for CCTV use

The RFX X-3 is an IP65 rated 3-channel receiver, with front and rear tamper output, which be positioned in line of sight up to 150 metres away from where the detectors are installed.

£86.28   £47.21
GJD020 Opal XL External PIR

External PIR Detector is IP55 rated, 10 to 35 metre and 90 degree fully adjustable. It is an inconspicuous and proven 35-metre external passive infrared detector that works in conjunction with GJDs security lighting controllers

£86.28   £51.63
GJD Elite 12V External PIR

The Elite is a passive infrared detector that simultaneously or individually controls cameras, VCRs, DVRs and all low voltage switching requirements

£129.41   £70.80
GJD017 RFX External Wireless Receiver 3 Channel

An IP65 rated 3-channel receiver, 150 metres line of sight, 3x Volt free contacts as well as lighting control outputs

£131.52   £71.95
GJD300 D-TECT 3 Quad PIR External Detectors

The D-TECT 2 is a BS 8418 compliant, quad element PIR external movement detector which can be used to control cameras and also interfaces with GJDs lighting control systems

£263.76   £144.30
GJD392 D-TECT X External Reciver 4 channel

he D-TECT X is a 250 or 500 metre communication range 4 channel receiver which is expandable up to 16 channels and compatible with D-TECT X & D-TECT X50 wireless detectors

£314.69   £172.16
GJD350 Perimeter Dual PIR detector

The D-TECT 50, BS 8418 compliant movement detectors combine advanced signal processing and unique optical systems which allow for the beam range to be programmed from 25 to 50 metres, thus avoiding boundary overspill, making them particularly effective for perimeter detection

£405.46   £221.82
GJD510 D-TECT X50 wireless PIR 50m cover

The D-TECT X50 Is a BS 8418 compliant, quad PIR external wireless movement detector. It combines advanced wireless technology for a 500 metre communication range

£430.66   £235.60
GJD DTECT3 Triple Technology PIR motion sensor

Fully loaded with all of the D-TECT 2 features, the D-TECT 3 additionally incorporates an adjustable microwave sensor offering exceptional resistance to false alarms. Both the D-TECT 2 and D-TECT 3 allow for the detection range to be programmed, thus avoiding boundary overspil

£577.75   £316.08

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