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Pyronics Enforcer Panels

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Pyronix Enforcer Kit 1 ENF/KIT1-UK

Enforcer V10 Kit 1 ENF/KIT1-UK

£360.00   £292.56
Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 ENF/KIT5-UK

Pyronix Enforcer V10 Kit 5 ENF/KIT5-UK

£360.00   £289.82
Pyronix Enforcer Kit 2 ENF/KIT2-UK

Enforcer V10 Kit 1 ENF/KIT1-UK

£642.00   £258.33
Pyronix Enforcer Kit 3 ENF/KIT3-UK

Enforcer HomeControl+ App Kit 3 ENF/KIT3

£408.22   £317.56
Pyronix Enforcer ENF32UK-WE 32 Zone WiFi Panel

Get superior protection with Enforcer two-way wireless technology Enforcer two-way wireless technology gives you a highly secure, fexible security system.

£291.38   £197.96
Pyronix Enforcer RKP/KIT1-UK remote arming station kit1

Pyronix Enforcer V10 RKP/KIT1-UK remote arming station kit1

£362.32   £258.83
Pyronix LEDRKP/WHITE-WE Wireless Remote Keypad

Using the Enforcer two way wireless technology the new Euro remote keypad combines the same high performance and security as the Euro wired keypads with the same ease of installation as the Enforcer wireless range

£110.54   £61.11
Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-LAN module for ENF32APPGB-WE

Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-LAN module for ENF32APPGB-WE

£94.23   £72.89
Pyronix Enforcer DIG-WIFI module for ENF32APPGB-WE

Pyronix Enforcer DIG-WIFI module for ENF32APPGB-WE

£199.42   £72.89
Pyronix Enforcer DIG-WIFI-XA module with external aerial

Pyronix Enforcer DIG-WIFI-XA module with external aerial

£159.63   £79.00
Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-GPRS module for ENF32APPGB-WE

Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-GPRS module for ENF32APPGB-WE

£199.37   £70.92
Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-GPRS+SIM module for ENF32APPGB-WE

Pyronix Enforcer DIGI-GPRS-SIM module for ENF32APPGB-WE

£306.72   £103.42
Pyronix Enforcer replacement control panel battery BAT-ENF8XAA

Pyronix Enforcer replacement control panel battery BAT-ENF8XAA

£23.86   £14.56
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Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

UK Market only

Enforcer V10: keeping you ahead of the curve with DIGI-WIFI included as standard
PSTN and traditional phone lines continue to develop issues since the move to digital, while IP communications and push notifications with smart apps go from strength to strength. So, a DIGI-WIFI module* is supplied for free, as standard, with the Enforcer V10 to deliver PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ connectivity and all the benefits they provide.*

Complete control from anywhere with the HomeControl+ App
Set and unset the Enforcer V10, get system status and receive custom push notifications of any event.

Android & Apple compatible

The HomeControl+ App for the Enforcer is available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

Highly secure connection

The HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud communications are encrypted to the highest standard.

No on-site IT configuration

The Enforcer V10 is connected through a cloud server, so there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on site, instead you simply set up an account on

Recurring revenue & retention

Streams of recurring revenue can be established with the Enforcer V10 by offering PyronixCloud management services; managing this or passing access to users. This increases customer retention and makes the system more profitable.

Connect as required with the complete compatibility with all communication options
Whatever the communication need, the Enforcer V10 gives you the option. Simply purchase the option you want and fit it into the panel.

Get to know one & master them all, with fully menu-driven programming
Easily navigate through the menus of the Enforcer V10 with the same uniform menu-driven programming. Simple ‘YES/NO’ questions allow fast and efficient installing to save both time and money.


Quick-to-fit, attractive and easy to use. Pyronix wireless products are technologically advanced for maximum effectiveness.
No compromise.

Pyronix award-winning, Enforcer two-way wireless technology delivers the ease of installation of a wireless system without compromising on the security and reliability of a wired system.

Featuring a host of proprietary and patented technologies, the extensive and attractive Pyronix range of wireless intruder alarm products includes all the security system components that installers need for both small or large-scale projects.

Perfect for residential and business use, Pyronix two-way wireless intruder alarm products provide security system installers with quick-to-fit, effective solutions that are easy for end-users to operate.

Learn more about our products below.

Enforcer all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator

Maximum total zones 66

- 32 wireless zones expandable to 64
- 2 wired zones expandable to 34

  • 3 Programmable wired outputs expandable to 38
  • 80 User codes, 32 wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
  • In built proximity reader (set/unset with tag)
  • 4 Level sets or 4 independent areas (Version 10 only)
  • Wide range of two-way wireless peripherals available
  • Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Customisable push notifications

HomeControl+ Application


  • Remote monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • IA:2015 Grade 2 and 3 compliant
  • Customisable push notifications
  • Connects through the PyronixCloud
  • Live monitoring with HD cameras
  • Simple arming of the system through intuitive user interface
  • Highly secure encryption
  • Downloadable on iOS and Android

The Pyronix HomeControl+ App brings complete security, control and peace of mind to the palm of your hand.

Linking up to the Enforcer or Pyronix hybrid panels via the PyronixCloud, the app allows you to control and monitor your entire security system from anywhere in the world, with all the benefits of our multi-award winning two-way wireless solutions.

The HomeControl+ allows you to:

  • Set and unset your system
  • Check sensor status in real time
  • Receive push notifications
  • See event history
  • View live streams from the HomeControl+ Cameras

Available on iOS and Android, download the HomeControl+ App and you will have proven security, monitoring and complete control at your fingertips.

Simple on and off switches and padlocks let you set and unset the system, control outputs such as garage doors and even control independent areas.

The addition of the HomeControl+ Cameras to your system also allows you to view HD live stream video of your property over IP communications via the HomeControl+ App. This is particularly beneficial to see what is happening when an alarm has been activated or to check on a pet from work.

Bringing you flexibility and peace of mind from your award winning Pyronix security system with an intuitive and convenient interface, the HomeControl+ App’s easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you and ensures that you are reaping the benefits of this application in no time at all from anywhere in the world.