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CDVI 2EASY wifi door entry solution

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CDVI CDV-4796KP-DXB 2Easy 2 wire hands free wifi Keypad kit
CDVI CDV43 2Easy 2 wire 4.3'' hands free monitor
CDVI CDV-PC7 2Easy Power bus combination unit
CDV 2Easy Desk mount for 2Easy style monitors
1 Pair 16AWG Belden 8471 Cable for 2Easy 100m
CDVI CDV-972ID-COVER 2 Button Video Entry Cover
CDVI 2EasyCDV-BDU Bus Amplifier

CDVI 2EASY 2 Wire Video Door Entry System


Installing a video entry system to your entrance will immediately provide security into your building. You can choose to enhance the system by adding some options such as an SD card in the monitor, which will record all visitors images whether you answer the call or not.

For visitors or colleagues who are allowed access, you can add the option of an integral keypad or card reader and this will allow entry by inserting a PIN code or presenting a valid card or tag. External analogue CCTV cameras can be connected, so you can also view the surrounding area from your monitor.

Identifying your visitor is extremely important to make the decision whether to allow access or not - this is why our systems include high resolution, 7” LCD colour monitors and a high quality camera module.

Stylish monitors

Our monitors were designed with style and practicality in mind.

Being hands-free means there are no bulky handsets to contend with, and therefore the profile is very shallow for a neat fit in all environments. Touch sensitive buttons and innovative touch screen technology make the experience of handling visitor calls much more comfortable. Extra monitors can be added into other areas of your premises for convenience, any one of them able to respond to a call - intercommunication is also possible for all the monitors installed on the same site.

The optional SD monitor allows you to record visitor images on to an SD card regardless of the call being answered or not. Caller images are date and time stamped, and if needed can be viewed at another location via the SD card. The SD monitor also enables the photo frame function to display digital photos. Of course if a call is received, that will take priority and interrupt the photo viewing until the call is completed.

Robust door stations

All of our door stations are modern in design and constructed to provide better protection against vandalism. Night vision LED’s illuminate the caller, so their image can be seen clearly even at night or in a dark environment.

For the convenience of residents or employees, the door stations can include an integral keypad for authorised users to enter a PIN number and gain access, or an integral proximity reader to allow authorised users to present a valid card or tag to gain access.